Gareth Dale’s forthcoming publications

As can be seen on his Brunel home page, he has several publications forthcoming. He either knows Hungarian or more likely has had Polanyi’s work professionally translated.

Personal Biography

Gareth Dale worked at Birkbeck College, the London School of Economics and Swansea University before joining Brunel in 2005. He is currently completing an intellectual biography of Karl Polanyi, for The University of Michigan Press, and an edited collection of Polanyi’s Hungarian writings, for Continuum. His previous books include ‘First the Transition, Then the Crash: Eastern Europe in the 2000s’ (2011), ‘Karl Polanyi: The Limits of the Market’ (2010), a trilogy on East German political and economic history (2004-2007), and ‘The European Union and Migrant Labour’ (1999). His work has appeared in Chinese, Portuguese and German.

Gareth supervises PhDs in a range of fields. His current doctoral students are working on environmental political theory, the geopolitics of the Arctic, Hungarian political economy, the New Institutional Economic History, and the EU’s management of the Greek crisis.

I await with interest the publication of his intellectual biography of Polanyi by the University of Michigan Press and the edited collection of Polanyi’s Hungarian writings for Continuum, the trilogy of volumes on East Germany, and the EU and migrant labour (1999).

I will add posts to these and other issues as my reading progresses.




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