Ordoliberalism in Brazil

This is addressed to Arthur in Brazil: see also my page on About me where we have had an exchange of comments.

http://www.tartarugademocratica.wordpress.com (even the url does not work in English on WordPress, perhaps  because I use google to search (Google and WordPress are rival blog providers). WordPress have held them back until I approve them. As I can’t read or understand them, I can’t really do that. WordPress want me to approve your referring to a couple of my posts in your message. We need to get in email contact. When I first put together a team of researchers from EU countries which had ordoliberal housing policies they could all communicate in English and had an email address (not Face Book, which I am not in!).

The link to your blog I think shows Adenauer, Ludwig Erhard, a third man I don’t recognise and the fourth being probably a very youthful Angela Merkel.

Of course I could be wrong, and the last two could be senior Brazilian members of the centre-right political party that you say has ordoliberal policies. Brazil is one of the new rising powers in an increasingly multi-polar world. And they are mentioned as one of the more important countries hoping to buy JAS Gripen:


Your website looks interesting. But I neither have your email address so we cannot even discuss this, nor is it possible to use google translate to read your blog, it’s too mechanical. Just look at this supposedly understandable website on Högbo Bruk using google translate from Swedish to English: http://www.hogbobruk.se. It is translated as Högbo use! Only a Swede would understand, and even then with a wry smile.

So could the author of the Brazilian blog on ordoliberalism please email me: jim dot Kemeny at Gmail dot-com. I will wait a until I hear from you at least until after the Swedish school holiday period which ends in mid-august.

I might as well use this post to say that I am very pleased that Jane Ball has expressed a wish to contribute to this blog as an author, so I have added her at that level.

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