New Govt announced

Social Democrats and Greens will govern together. Löfven wants the Left Party’s support but V (Vänster) will still be excluded from Government. It is unlikely the V’s leader Jonas Sjöstedt will agree.

There is a funny one-picture cartoon in Dagens Nyheter (p. 4, Sunday 28 Sept 2014, by Magnus Bard, satire illustrator). Löfven stands in the pulpit of a church about to preach the gospel. One woman on the half-empty benches asks “Herregud, is he an atheist?”. The woman on the bench next to her (who looks a bit like Carin Jämtin) – turns and answers “what difference does that make as long as he increases our congregation?”

Magnus Bard has a weekly updated page of his satirical illustrations:, but I don’t know whether it is public or only for subscribers.

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