Against the TTIP

The European Empire is hoping to tie the bands between the USA and the EU tighter by creating a free-trade area covering both – TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – which will create an even larger empire than the EU has become. The EU was created by the USA forerunner of the CIA, so in that sense it is a natural development, the two empires become one. Gaia Foundation has argued against it as it will encourage a “race to the bottom”:

“This is because the TTIP is designed to ‘harmonise’ regulations and standards (regarded as ‘trade irritants’ by industry) between the EU and US. Since the EU has much stronger trade regulations protecting public health, food safety, and the environment, this ‘harmonisation’ really means deregulation in the EU; reducing protections for the environment and public health, in favour of exploiting them for corporate profits.”

If anyone wants to sign the petition it can be found here:

The number of signatories has risen to 1.35 million and continues to rise. The aim is for 2 million people to sign it.


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