Mises: the Austrian School

The post on The Austrian School can also act as an introduction to this perspective, related as it is to ordoliberalism:

“I have already drawn on this little-known school of thought. The blog Acting Man is one valuable source of analysis. The main source of the Austrian School is the work of its founder Ludwig von Mises, and the Mises Institute he founded in Vienna: Mises University is now the main medium of teaching Austrian economics today. Mises was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Dual Monarchy) in Lemberg, Galicia what is now Lviv in Ukraine. Ludwig von Mises was jewish and fled to America in 1940. Lviv had a very old Jewish community in Lemberg founded in 1256 with some 97 (!) synagogues. There are now two separate Jewish Quarters one inside the town wall and one outside, but antisemitism is on the rise once more in the shape of the Right Sector.”

Ordoliberalism resulted in practical advice in politics during the years of  Germany’s post-war economic miracle, when the ordoliberals returned from Switzerland to Germany. This was especially true of the Chancellorship of Ludwig Erhard.  Ludwig von Mises did not have the benefit of contributing practically to implement his ideas, but instead he founded his own Institute that became Mises University, in Alabama, USA and the original Mises Institute came under the University of Vienna.