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Frederic Bastiat had it right: the vast unseen consequences of ZIRP are the true evil

Frederic Bastiat Had It Right—–The Vast Unseen Consequences Of ZIRP Are The True Evil by Mises Institute • August 9, 2015 by Ronald-Peter Stöferle at Mises Institute In a dynamic economy, an action not only triggers just one effect, but always an entire … Continue reading

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Central Banks and our Dysfunctional Gold Markets

https://mises.org/library/central-banks-and-our-dysfunctional-gold-markets JULY 23, 2015Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna TAGS Gold StandardMoney and BankingPrices Many investors still view gold as a safe-haven investment, but there remains much confusion regarding the extent to which the gold market is vulnerable to manipulation through short-term rigged market trades, … Continue reading

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