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The Case for Outlawing Cash

http://www.acting-man.com/?p=39780#more-39780 Losing Confidence GUALFIN, Argentina – September is here. As expected, market volatility is increasing. The Great Zombie War is intensifying. And investors are getting scared. On Tuesday, the Dow lost 470 points – a nearly 3% drop. Bloomberg:   … Continue reading

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The Central Bankers’ Malodorous War on Savers

http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/the-central-bankers-malodorous-war-on-savers/ Well, that didn’t take long! After just three days of market turmoil the monetary politburo swung into action. This time they sent out B-Dud to promise still another monetary sweetener. Said the head of the New York Fed, “From my perspective, … Continue reading

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